Bullet proof industrial communications

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Just the sense of security the staff feels [with a ballistic barrier in place].

How bulletproof glass works

This feels ten times better. Staff are not the only ones frightened or disturbed when disgruntled visitors lose their temper. Constantly assessing the threat level of an agitated customer takes a toll on municipal workers and, over time, erodes job satisfaction as well as customer service.

Facebook's VP of Tech Communications on Building a Bulletproof Comms Strategy

Your people are at risk, and so is your relationship with the community. More than anything, a bullet proof system is an effective deterrent to violence of all sorts. Just the presence of the system itself prevents escalation. Naturally, some city managers express initial concern that a bullet resistant barrier system is going to damage the atmosphere of their municipal offices.

While it might sound strange, a well-designed bulletproof barrier system can actually enhance accessibility and communications with the public. For example, the Crestview Florida Police Department found that renovating their facility to include a bulletproof barrier increased opportunities for citizen engagement.

Trickier still is the fact that your internal messaging and external messaging are likely to be at odds. Make no mistake: you have to have them both, and they need to be in balance.

Why ordinary glass shatters

You've heard of them, but they don't last that long. Strong internal comms with no external messaging, on the other hand, is like a pot that never quite reaches boil. Here, too, Marooney has developed an acronym. My mother taught me never to say this word. It's not fair that Apple announced the iPhone sales when you were planning an announcement.

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It's certainly not fair that the global economy took a nosedive when you were trying to raise a round. Hopefully, though, it will serve as a memorable acronym. F — Fail. A — Attract.

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I — Intense. R — Rearview. Each of those mindset changes intersects with the communications going on outside your organization — and not always synergistically. Microsoft is not going to fail, but it doesn't matter. The question isn't if Microsoft is going to fail, it's how are we going to win? That mindset shift is so important, because every startup faces this truth:".

Over in external communications , though, you have to paint a very different picture. Remember R for relevance? Speak to the competition.

sentihorunby.ml Netflix had Blockbuster — and an industry. Otherwise, everybody believes what's written externally, and all they see is the mountain in front of them. There's one ball and everybody runs to it, right? If your startup has three people, that's totally fine. If you have five people, that's totally fine.

Because, ultimately, your success will come from people working on different projects over time.

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It will come from staying the course on key initiatives, and from small, non-newsworthy adjustments. Nobody cares. The second is bad news.

Ballistic Barriers Don’t Have to Pose Barriers to Citizen Engagement

You got hacked, a key employee left, maybe something happened with a competitor. That's not what you want, but they're going to write that anyway. If everybody needed to work on drones? She recommends establishing — and clearly articulating — how much time and energy your organization will actually give to those shiny objects.

The objective is simply to combat what your team is hearing with explicit prioritization. It needs to be very clearly set on the inside. Then, once those priorities are set, live by them. At Facebook we celebrate long-term employees and bug fixes.