Guide to Biomolecular Simulations (Focus on Structural Biology)

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Applications of molecular dynamics in biophysics range over many areas. They are used in the structure determination of macromolecules with x-ray and NMR data, the modelling of unknown structures from their sequence, the study of enzyme mechanisms, the estimation of ligand-binding free energies, the evaluation of the role of conformational change in protein function, and drug design for targets of known structures.

The widespread application of molecular dynamics and related methodologies suggests that it would be useful to have available an introductory self-contained course by which students with a relatively limited background in chemistry, biology and computer literacy, can learn the fundamentals of the field.

Biomolecular Simulations

This Guide to Biomolecular Simulations tries to fill this need. The Guide consists of six chapters which provide the fundamentals of the field and six chapters which introduce the reader to more specialized but important applications of the methodology. The book emerged from a biophysics course held at Harvard in the s and is therefore suited for standalone self-study as well as for classroom use …. And finally, a reader who successfully worked through the book obtained significant experience in using CHARMM, one of the most widely used molecular dynamics packages in biomolecular simulations.

JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Chemistry Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. Focus on Structural Biology Free Preview. Computer simulations have become a standard tool for exploring biomolecules, often in conjunction with experimentally derived data Introductory self-contained course by which students with a relatively limited background in chemistry, biology and computer literacy, can learn the fundamentals of biomolecular simulations The material on which the Hands-On Guide is based was developed and tested at Harvard University during the last 15 years Integrated exercises that involve the use of one of the premiere molecular dynamics programs CHARMM and the widely used graphics program CHARMM The fact that the programs used are widely distributed and generally available makes an introduction to them of importance for the future research career of students see more benefits.

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Biomolecular modelling and related Life Science disciplines – Bioexcel

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