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American Poets Magazine. Poems Find and share the perfect poems. This Is Just To Say. I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold.


William Carlos Williams Danse Russe If when my wife is sleeping and the baby and Kathleen are sleeping and the sun is a flame-white disc in silken mists above shining trees,- if I in my north room dance naked, grotesquely before my mirror waving my shirt round my head and singing softly to myself: "I am lonely, lonely, I was born to be lonely, I am best so! Tract I will teach you my townspeople how to perform a funeral-- for you have it over a troop of artists-- unless one should scour the world-- you have the ground sense necessary. I begin with a design for a hearse.

For Christ's sake not black-- nor white either--and not polished!

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Let it be weathered--like a farm wagon-- with gilt wheels this could be applied fresh at small expense or no wheels at all: a rough dray to drag over the ground. Knock the glass out! My God--glass, my townspeople!

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For what purpose? Is it for the dead to look out or for us to see how well he is housed or to see the flowers or the lack of them-- or what? To keep the rain and snow from him? He will have a heavier rain soon: pebbles and dirt and what not. Let there be no glass-- and no upholstery, phew! A rough plain hearse then with gilt wheels and no top at all. On this the coffin lies by its own weight.

I'm Just Saying

No wreaths please-- especially no hot house flowers. Some common memento is better, something he prized and is known by: his old clothes--a few books perhaps-- God knows what!

You realize how we are about these things my townspeople-- something will be found--anything even flowers if he had come to that. So much for the hearse.

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For heaven's sake though see to the driver! Take off the silk hat! In fact that's no place at all for him-- up there unceremoniously dragging our friend out to his own dignity!

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Did you ever think, I'll do what I want Me in the marathon, uh, one in the front Now you're makin' plans, don't let them screw it up Better write your name on it, paper cut Most people afraid of hearing no Got booed off stage once Apollo I can do anything that I wanna do And I'll take that cause it's not for you Took a few years to surface but now it's so bizurkus And I'm ring leadin' in this circus I'm just sayin', I'm just layin' and pavin' the road ahead of me Bravin' the elements and watchin' it cave in My heart is racin' and palpitatin' I'm so done anticipatin' It's all good yeah, made up my mind Threadin' the needle is part of the design.

Ohhhh if I want it, I know I'm gonna get it I'm just sayin' that's the way that it goes Ohhhh if I want it, I know I'm gonna get it I'm just sayin' that's the way that it goes. And if we look at life, I'ma tell you what You only get one, we bein' honest huh?

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Let 'em tell you no, we on another plane Approachin' destination hit the main vein Now we glidin' windin' tryin' not to crash Cause we so high, gotta keep grindin' Not a limit we drivin' the ship we runnin' it all. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Popular Right Now Father of All

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