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Towards this goal, we have established a family-based genetic study of severe mental illness using linkage-based exome sequencing and induced pluripotent stem cell modeling, collaborated in the ascertainment of the largest prospective cohort in the world of women with first-onset postpartum psychosis, and continued leveraging mouse models for understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms of genetically-defined neuropsychiatric disorders.

To date, we have participated in important collaborative studies of translational models of neuropsychiatric disorders regarding postpartum psychosis, schizophrenia, Angelman Syndrome and Neurofibromatosis type I.

Most recently, we have elucidated novel familial exome variants associated with depression and schizophrenia in which human induced pluripotent stem cell modeling revealed an important contribution of glial cell biology to the underlying disease pathophysiology. Steven Kushner.

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Put our expertise in building ultrasensitive, high-specificity ELISAs for small molecule detection to work for you! Tired of procuring small molecules from multiple sources? Enzo has a long and successful history of identifying, synthesizing, and commercializing known bioactives for use as research tool compounds and assembling focused sets of compounds for chemical genomics, receptor de-orphaning, drug repurposing, pathway analysis, and more.

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Enzo offers over widely cited and thoroughly validated antibodies, including nearly for key markers of neurodegenerative disease, GPCRs, nerve cell structure proteins, and neural signal transduction. Each of our antibodies is backed by our Worry-free Antibody Trial Program. Researchers at the Buck Institute have validated use of the assay in drug screening applications for caspase inducers and caspase inhibitors.

The cationic peptide facilitates electrostatic interactions between the DNA and the peptide, and the nuclear localization sequence utilizes the endogenous nuclear transport machinery to deliver the DNA to the nucleus.

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The end result is high efficiency transfection in non-dividing cells. A peptide based reagent combines a non-classical nuclear localization sequence M9 with a nucleotide binding domain, to help transport DNA into the transfected cell's nucleus. Research sheds new light into the molecular basis of bipolar disorder November 25 Tags: Molecular Biology , Neuroscience Tweet.

Bacterial model systems offers a robust method for screening amyloid inhibitors November 10 Tags: Neuroscience Tweet. Changes in serotonin levels with age could affect stress responses in the brain March 18 Tags: Endocrinology , Neuroscience Tweet.

Population Neuroscience

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