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If you promise not to tell anyone, I will let you have this cake for free. He promised to never return to this town again. She promised me a big kiss if I would drive her to the airport. I can't promise success, but I'll do the best I can. The clouds promise rain. I look upon notoriety with the same indifference as on the buttons on a man's shirt-front, or the crest on his note-paper.

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They will be passed a single argument and will always be called asynchronously in the next turn of the event loop. If the promise is fulfilled then onFulfilled is called. If the promise is rejected then onRejected is called. The call to.

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If the handler that is called returns a promise, the promise returned by. If the handler that is called returns a value that is not a promise, the promise returned by. If the handler that is called throws an exception then the promise returned by. Sugar for Promise then null, onRejected , to mirror catch in synchronous code. The same semantics as. If callback is null or undefined it just returns this.

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If callback is a function it is called with rejection reason as the first argument and result as the second argument as per the node. People who use typical node. The enlightened people can not pass a callback and will get awesome promises.

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Git github. Test with RunKit. On 8 October , a roundtable was organised in Romania where national and international experts presented best practices in the field of child protection with a focus on legal aspects surrounding child abuse cases. On 13 September , a workshop was organised on the topic of judicial procedures for child-friendly justice. The Lighthouse is a service for children who have experienced any form of sexual abuse, including exploitation.

At The Lighthouse we put the child at the centre, to make sure they have a safe place to recover at their own pace and rebuild their lives. On 4 July , the Hope for Children CRC Policy Centre organised a national roundtable discussion for professionals working with children involved in sexual abuse and exploitation. On 26 June , a roundtable was organized on child-friendly and interdisciplinary approaches to suspicion, assistance and criminal case handling in cases of sexual abuse.

The Barnahus Quality Standards and the Tracking Tool were presented and discussed, with a focus on creating a child-friendly space and the location of it. The discussions On 19 March policy makers and practitioners met in Latvia for a roundtable discussion on experiences and challenges in protecting with children who are victims of sexual abuse, as well as to discuss PROMISE 2 and its activities. Representatives from Social On 6 June , Hungarian professionals met to discuss how the application of the Barnahus model in Hungary can be integrated with the justice system.

On 22 May a meeting on Multi-disciplinary and Interagency approach for work with children victims of violence — opportunities and challenges was organised in Sofia, Bulgaria. On 10 May a workshop for more than 35 prosecutors from different counties in Hungary was organised regarding legislation related to Barnahus. The event discussed opportunities and challenges for multidisciplinary interagency cooperation.

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After the seminar, the participant took a guided tour of the newly opened Barnahus Warsaw The refreshed identity embodies the essential characteristics of the Barnahus model: friendly and strong, dynamic and inclusive. It becomes a B to symbolise the Barnahus. The symbol transforms The PROMISE 2 partnership is proud to announce the work to promote progress in establishing and operating Barnahus, or similar models, at national level in several European countries has begun.

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  • We met in Stockholm in January to plan the core tasks: gaining commitment As a result, many countries showed interest and the city of the Hague, the A recording of the webinar may be The conference With a focus on linking policy and practice, they went on a study visit to the Multi-Disciplinary Center The innovation is Putting the child's story at the centre. PROMISE aims at promoting child-friendly multi-disciplinary and interagency services supporting child victims of violence, providing them with access to justice, avoiding re-victimization and ensuring high professional PROMISE aims at promoting child-friendly multi-disciplinary and interagency services supporting child victims of violence, providing them with access to justice, avoiding Barnahus — what is it?

    The European Barnahus Movement — showcasing 4 years of network and partner progress 31 October Register here PROMISE 1 and 2 have provided concrete evidence of how consolidated efforts on the national and European levels can accelerate progress in building capacity, ambition and commitment to specialised interventions for child victims and Considerations for evidence recording at the Barnahus 12 September Register here There is much more to recording interviews at a Barnahus than setting up a system and hitting record.

    Therapeutic services at the Barnahus — a 2-part webinar In this 2-part webinar, we will take a deeper look into the concrete value of embedding therapeutic services at the Barnahus, how to meet the standard, and the impact for children and their caregivers. Forensic interview webinar mini-series By popular demand, our next webinars will focus on the forensic interview at the Barnahus: why it is important, how it is conducted, and how to adapt to the special needs of the child.

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    The Centre is unique among the European Barnahus and similar setups, in that it Poland closes with 4 Barnahus in operation, with the work supported by regular network meetings and upcoming interagency monitoring meetings The Polish Barnahus form a network coordinated by the Empowering Children Foundation. Legal framework around hearing the child in court under review in Romania Following the October national roundtable, Save the Children Romania started to meet monthly with the Bucharest Tribunal.

    Improvements to the National Coordination Mechanism are under consideration in Bulgaria Work is underway to improve the Bulgarian National Coordination Mechanism for cases of child victims or at risk of violence and crises intervention. Roundtable in West Hungary engaged police officers, prosecutors and judges about interviews at the Barnahus On November a roundtable for police officers, prosecutors and judges from 3 counties was held in the Western region of Hungary.