Sustainable Business Development: Inventing the Future Through Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership

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Supplementary material. Enterprise thinking and management. The strategic process for inventing the future. Technological innovation. Product and process innovation Moderate risk can. Managing improvement programs. Development program management. Added commentary. The strategic logic for SBD. Risk mitigation. The linkages between analytical models and business models.

Determining strategies for SBD.

Sustainable Business Development

Mitigating degradation Risk mitigation. Performance evaluation system. Local authorities, climate change and small and medium enterprises: identifying effective policy instruments to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 15 3 , Bratianu, C. IGI Global. Cardona, P. Ciasullo, M. The creation of sustainable value in SMEs. A case study. Cramer, J. Mainstreaming Environmental issues in sustainable enterprises: An exploration of issues, experiences and options.

Geneva, Switzerland: International Labour Office. Doppelt, R.

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The seven sustainability blunders. The Systems Thinker, 14 5 , Drake, F. Meeting the environmental challenge: a case of win-win or losewin? A study of the UK baking and refrigeration industries. Business Strategy and the Environment, 13 3 , Drucker, P.

European Commission. Opportunity and Responsibility — How to help small business to integrate social and environmental issues into what they do. Directorate-general for enterprises and industry.

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Entr, D. Public Policy Initiative to promote the Uptake of environmental Management Systems in small and medium-sized Enterprises. Epstein, M. Making sustainability work: Best practices in managing and measuring corporate social, environmental, and economic impacts. Gadenne, D. An empirical study of environmental awareness and practices in SMEs. Journal of Business Ethics, 84 1 , Gerstenfeld, A. Size matters: barriers and prospects for environmental management in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Hillary Ed.

Innovation is crucial for the new world of sustainability

Sheffield, Great Britain: Greenleaf Publishing. Goehrig, R. The role of leadership in building high performing, sustainable organizations. Government Finance Review, 24 6 , Service management and marketing: customer management in service competition. Grudzewski, W. Warszawa, Poland: Poltext.

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Hall, J. Sustainable development and entrepreneurship: Past contributions and future directions. Journal of Business Venturing, 25 5 , Hambrick, D. Upper echelons: The organization as a reflection of its top managers.


Academy of management review, 9 2 , Hemingway, C. Managers' personal values as drivers of corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 50 1 , Hillary, R. Small and medium-sized enterprises and the environment: business imperatives.

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Hind, P. Enabling sustainability through an action research process of organisational development. Rainey Call Number: Main Stacks Summary "This book provides comprehensive and practical analysis of what sustainable business development SBD is and how companies can use it to make a significant difference. Case studies of companies in the US, Europe, the Pacific Rim and South America demonstrate that achieving innovation and integration depends on a comprehensive understanding of all of the forces which drive change and responding to them with fresh ways of strategic thinking.

ACES Summary "The authors desmystify 'sustainability', untangle the plethora of sustainability frameworks, tools and practices, and make it easy for the average person in any organization to move towards sustainability. ACES Summary "In this book, the author introduces us to the innovative business leaders who are at the forefront of the green economy.

He profiles the enterprises that are developing cutting-edge, clean-tech products and innovations for export to a expanding global market. UIUC Online Collection Summary "From innovation to shareholder development, this groundbreaking book offers guidelines for becoming a responsible corporation Strategic Corporate Responsibility shows how to implement a systemic and integrative approach for bringing Corporate Responsibility CR into the organization as a whole, embedding CR thinking into the entire business.

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ACES Summary "This anthology is intended to serve as a ice-breaker between social scientists and industrial ecologists whose background is likely to be in science or engineering. Among the topics are ecology in the social sciences, the social embeddedness of industrial symbiosis linkages in Puerto Rico industrial regions, sustainable supply chain managements, and exploring the dynamics of industrial ecosystems.

Prairie Research Institute Summary "Corporations are under increasing pressure from customers, investors, employees, legislators, banks, and insurance companies to embrace social and environmental responsibility.

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  7. But Wall Street demands quarterly results, a stringent return on investment, and a short payback period. So how can these seemingly incompatible goals be accomplished at the same time? Savitz ISBN: Available via I-Share request Summary "The Triple Bottom Line is the groundbreaking book that charts the rise of sustainability within the business world and shows how and why financial success increasingly goes hand in hand with social and environmental achievement.